Set Of Kitchen Knives

Both professional chefs and amateur cooks must have at least one set of kitchen knives of good quality to their names, so to speak. These cutlery sets usually include one each of a paring knife, utility knife, boning knife, chef's knife, steak knife, carving knife, bread knife and cleaver. In this article, the reasons for owning a cutlery set will be discussed.

Faster Working Pace

With the right kind of knife in the chef's hand, it is fast, easy and convenient to cut fruits, vegetables and meat into the desired shapes, lengths and thicknesses. For example, fishes, meat and poultry can be filleted with a few strokes of the boning knife while smaller fruits, vegetables and seafood can be peeled, pared and deveined within minutes with the use of a paring knife.

However, when these knives are purchased separately instead of as part of a set of kitchen knives, chefs may be constrained to use the incorrect kind of knife in the absence of the correct one. For example, the utility knife may be used to debone chicken, which can take twice as long as with the boning knife. This simply will not do in a high-pressure environment like a restaurant kitchen where time is always of the essence in dish preparation.

With complete cutlery sets on hand, this should not be a problem for the chefs. Every kind of knife for every purpose imaginable is on hand, thus, making for a faster working pace.

Safer Working Environment

All knives have sharp blades albeit with varying degrees of sharpness. As such, any kind of knife can become the source of injuries borne of accidents in the kitchen with the most common injuries being cuts, slashes and even deep wounds. This is especially true when the incorrect kind of knife is used.

With a complete set of set of kitchen knives available, chefs will find the right kind of knife that can be used safely on whatever needs to be cut. For example, instead of being forced to use the carving knife to cut raw meat, the cook can use the cleaver for this purpose. Greater levels of safety can then be enjoyed considering that the cleaver has a sharper, thicker blade than the blade on the carving knife.

In the kitchen, safety around cutlery sets is always one of the primary concerns for everybody who works in it. This is understandable considering that physical injuries caused by knives are costly to treat with the doctor's fees and medications involved, not to mention the lost productivity.

Greater Levels of Comfort

The right set of kitchen knives also fosters greater levels of comfort for its users. Chefs and their assistants must use knives almost the whole time they are working in the kitchen preparing the food for their customers or their family and friends.

As such, the knives used must be comfortable to use even for extended hours of time that it takes to prepare a banquet. The handles must be ergonomic in design while the blades should be sufficiently sharp to cut through the food material. Together, these two attributes lessen the physiological stress on the hands, wrist and arms of the chef using the knives, thus, making for great comfort.

Aspiring chefs and enthusiastic cooks must possess at least one set of kitchen knives in their kitchens. Safety, efficiency and comfort are then theirs to enjoy.


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