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How To Filet A Walleye

A walleye fish is one of the tastiest fish you can possibly eat, and hard to catch. Before you can eat the walleye and enjoy it, you have to know how to fillet it, so here is a step by step method of cleaning and filleting a walleye fish. Walleye fish are one of the easiest kinds of fish to clean as long as you follow the safety procedures and things. You only need two things to start a cutting board and a filleting knife (or just a really sharp knife).Make sure your knife and board are cleaned this should go without saying, especially when working with any kind of meat, and sterilize the knife once you are done with it. Fish are known to contain trace amounts of mercury, which is an extremely toxic element. Note that this is described from the perspective of someone who is right-handed, so if you are left-handed mentally reflect the image to work.Place the fish on the board with its underside facing you, and the head pointing toward the left. Once you have your walleye positioned, make a cut from the pectora...


The Experts Speak Out On The Importance Of Enrolling In Culinary Institutes

There are a lot of people who know how to cook. And a lot of people prepare great meals. But it is only through a formal education in the culinary arts that people can arm themselves with the knowledge there were a love-hate their craft to the next level. It is only through this formal education, did they can expand their horizons and see the number potentials they can be achieved in this exciting field.Serious cooking enthusiasts should consider enrollment in culinary institutes to further their education. It's the most efficient way for them to achieve their dreams of culinary fame. A lot of hopeful for professionals are still in a quandary regarding this matter. Some of them are under the mistaken belief that everything they know about cooking can be learned from their own kitchen, with a little improvisation and intuition. This discuss whether this is true or not.I had interviewed four professionals in the hotel and restaurant industry about their thoughts on the subject, and amazingly they have pro...


Set Of Kitchen Knives

Both professional chefs and amateur cooks must have at least one set of kitchen knives of good quality to their names, so to speak. These cutlery sets usually include one each of a paring knife, utility knife, boning knife, chef's knife, steak knife, carving knife, bread knife and cleaver. In this article, the reasons for owning a cutlery set will be discussed.Faster Working PaceWith the right kind of knife in the chef's hand, it is fast, easy and convenient to cut fruits, vegetables and meat into the desired shapes, lengths and thicknesses. For example, fishes, meat and poultry can be filleted with a few strokes of the boning knife while smaller fruits, vegetables and seafood can be peeled, pared and deveined within minutes with the use of a paring knife.However, when these knives are purchased separately instead of as part of a set of kitchen knives, chefs may be constrained to use the incorrect kind of knife in the absence of the correct one. For example, the utility knife may be used to debone chicken, wh...


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