Real Estate Beginner Guide: How to Make Your First Sale

As a neophyte or rookie in any field, it’s only normal to feel intimidated by your competitors. In Real Estate, the level of competition is very high that only a few really succeed while almost everyone fails. What you should think of is that all the successful agents are at one time just like you, a beginner. 

Focus your attention on making your first sale to get the monkey off your back. Once you’ve done it, always remember to look for ways to improve yourself in order to get to the top. In this Real Estate guide, here’s how to make your first sale. 

Pass the licensure examinations 

You cannot even try to sell a Real Estate Property if you don’t have a license. Find out where in your local area you can study and prepare for the licensure exams. Prepare the right way in order to pass the examination in one try. Failing means having to review again and again until you finally pass. Once you have passed the examinations, your now halfway done to obtain your license.  

Find a Real Estate brokerage firm to work with 

Now that you have passed the examinations, you still need to work with a Real Estate broker in order to obtain your license. Make the necessary arrangements beforehand even before you took the examinations. Some brokerage firms offer sponsorships so they’ll have a steady supply of agents who work on their behalf. You must consider the Brokerage firm you want to render your services for. Only when you work for a brokerage firm after passing the licensure examinations can you obtain your license. 

Get a client 

The only way you can get clients is to find the people needing help in Real Estate. In order for you to make your first sale, you must get a client to agree you’re representing them in selling their house. It can also be expected that your brokerage firm will assign you a client who enlisted in their listing services. Now that you have your client, it’s time for you to apply what you studied for. 

Practice what you learned 

This is your baptism of fire. Everything you ever learned and prepared for in taking the licensure examinations will now be put to the test. This is the time you roll up your sleeves and get to work. Always make sure to keep your client’s best interests and try the best way you can market the property. 

Negotiations and Closing 

If you have done a great job in marketing your client’s property, there will be offers and negotiations. Remember your client’s goals and keep them in mind during negotiations. Once you’ve found the best available deal for your client, it’s time for the closing process.  

Congratulations! You’ve just made your first successful sale.