Reasons Why You Haven’t Sold Your Home Yet

After months of looking for a buyer, your house is still in the listing. Your phone doesn’t ring and you are not receiving as many inquiries as you need to. You may be wondering why your home is not sold yet. Well, here are some possible answers:   

Poor Condition of Your Home 

Compare your property to other homes in your neighborhood that are in pending sales status.  They will give you an idea of how long should your house stay in the market. If most of your comps are sold within 1 to 3 months after putting it into the listing, examine what factors contribute to the quick selling. Maybe it’s the condition of the house. If your comps did repairs and repainting, maybe you should too. 

Unattractive painting 

If you have an aged and cracked painting, that will not arouse the interest of most buyers. If you need to repaint your house, choose neutral colors, not white. The neutral color is a safe choice for many people can appreciate it. 

Bad photos 

If you will consider MLS, then you need to prepare at least 3-4 quality photos. Photos with the wrong angles and bad shots will not get noticed. If you are not good at taking pictures, it will be better if you will hire a professional photographer.  Photos that show your house in the best angle, lighting, and color are very helpful in attracting potential buyers. 

Not showing all the bedrooms 

Do not show a photo of the master’s bedroom only. Online users tend to skip the description and would just run through the photos. If they only see one picture of a bedroom, they may think that your house has only one room. 

Wrong bathroom shots 

When you shoot a bathroom, make sure that the toilet lid is closed; no one wants to know what’s in there. Avoid showing a reflection of yourself or the camera in the bathroom mirror. 

Not showing the backyard and the garden 

Showing your lovely garden is a huge selling factor for your house. Many home buyers love gardening and seeing your house with the garden may convince them to take a look at your property. 

Not wanting to spend on marketing and advertising 

Selling your house needs extensive marketing and advertising. Always set a budget for these tasks as they are the most effective ways to get attention from the right target. There is no single recommended technique that works well for reaching the correct market. Most Brentwood real estate agent combines different marketing methods such as print and online advertising, leaflet/ flyers distribution, social media marketing, and asking for referrals.