Is A Real Estate Open House Necessary To Sell Homes?

Holding an open house has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. An open house doesn’t automatically mean successfully selling a home. In fact, only 2% of homes get sold through an open house. So, how come we still see open houses? Here are some of the reasons why open houses are still necessary in order to sell homes. 

Create a bidding war 

Some agents or brokerage firms employ the tactic of holding an open house to create a bidding war. They will set the condition that the home will be shown to the public for the first time during the scheduled open house. This means all parties can only get their first-hand look on the same day. This builds anticipation and an ensuing bidding war if most of them like what they see in your home. 

Gives your home the much-needed exposure 

Your agent or brokerage firm will pull out all the stops in marketing your house. They will advertise in your local newspaper or put fliers around town to get the word out that your house is on sale and they’re free to check it out during the scheduled open house. It gives your house the exposure it needs and increases its chances of finding interested parties who are more likely to buy your home. 

Attract buyers who don’t know where to start 

A lot of people who decides to buy their first home, don’t have an idea of what they should do first. They’re more likely to act on impulse and when they see a sign at your front yard, they can’t resist the urge to take a look. They’ll be asking a lot of questions and hopefully, your agent can convince them that this is the perfect home for their family. 

Allows your potential buyers to take a look without pressure 

An open house gives people a chance to take a look at your house with no strings attached. They can freely walk in, observe, or ask questions without ever feeling pressured to buy your property. This peaceful and relaxing atmosphere gives them time to really think about their options. Your home may not get sold on the actual open house but people who are really interested will contact your agent sooner than you know it. 

Offers convenience 

People can freely visit and check your house even without setting a prior appointment. Some people love this set up for they can do something productive at their most convenient time. This works well for busy people who are too preoccupied with other things on most days of the week. These are the kind of people who are most likely going to buy your home if they like what they see. 

Real Estate Beginner Guide: How to Make Your First Sale

As a neophyte or rookie in any field, it’s only normal to feel intimidated by your competitors. In Real Estate, the level of competition is very high that only a few really succeed while almost everyone fails. What you should think of is that all the successful agents are at one time just like you, a beginner. 

Focus your attention on making your first sale to get the monkey off your back. Once you’ve done it, always remember to look for ways to improve yourself in order to get to the top. In this Real Estate guide, here’s how to make your first sale. 

Pass the licensure examinations 

You cannot even try to sell a Real Estate Property if you don’t have a license. Find out where in your local area you can study and prepare for the licensure exams. Prepare the right way in order to pass the examination in one try. Failing means having to review again and again until you finally pass. Once you have passed the examinations, your now halfway done to obtain your license.  

Find a Real Estate brokerage firm to work with 

Now that you have passed the examinations, you still need to work with a Real Estate broker in order to obtain your license. Make the necessary arrangements beforehand even before you took the examinations. Some brokerage firms offer sponsorships so they’ll have a steady supply of agents who work on their behalf. You must consider the Brokerage firm you want to render your services for. Only when you work for a brokerage firm after passing the licensure examinations can you obtain your license. 

Get a client 

The only way you can get clients is to find the people needing help in Real Estate. In order for you to make your first sale, you must get a client to agree you’re representing them in selling their house. It can also be expected that your brokerage firm will assign you a client who enlisted in their listing services. Now that you have your client, it’s time for you to apply what you studied for. 

Practice what you learned 

This is your baptism of fire. Everything you ever learned and prepared for in taking the licensure examinations will now be put to the test. This is the time you roll up your sleeves and get to work. Always make sure to keep your client’s best interests and try the best way you can market the property. 

Negotiations and Closing 

If you have done a great job in marketing your client’s property, there will be offers and negotiations. Remember your client’s goals and keep them in mind during negotiations. Once you’ve found the best available deal for your client, it’s time for the closing process.  

Congratulations! You’ve just made your first successful sale.

Reasons Why You Haven’t Sold Your Home Yet

After months of looking for a buyer, your house is still in the listing. Your phone doesn’t ring and you are not receiving as many inquiries as you need to. You may be wondering why your home is not sold yet. Well, here are some possible answers:   

Poor Condition of Your Home 

Compare your property to other homes in your neighborhood that are in pending sales status.  They will give you an idea of how long should your house stay in the market. If most of your comps are sold within 1 to 3 months after putting it into the listing, examine what factors contribute to the quick selling. Maybe it’s the condition of the house. If your comps did repairs and repainting, maybe you should too. 

Unattractive painting 

If you have an aged and cracked painting, that will not arouse the interest of most buyers. If you need to repaint your house, choose neutral colors, not white. The neutral color is a safe choice for many people can appreciate it. 

Bad photos 

If you will consider MLS, then you need to prepare at least 3-4 quality photos. Photos with the wrong angles and bad shots will not get noticed. If you are not good at taking pictures, it will be better if you will hire a professional photographer.  Photos that show your house in the best angle, lighting, and color are very helpful in attracting potential buyers. 

Not showing all the bedrooms 

Do not show a photo of the master’s bedroom only. Online users tend to skip the description and would just run through the photos. If they only see one picture of a bedroom, they may think that your house has only one room. 

Wrong bathroom shots 

When you shoot a bathroom, make sure that the toilet lid is closed; no one wants to know what’s in there. Avoid showing a reflection of yourself or the camera in the bathroom mirror. 

Not showing the backyard and the garden 

Showing your lovely garden is a huge selling factor for your house. Many home buyers love gardening and seeing your house with the garden may convince them to take a look at your property. 

Not wanting to spend on marketing and advertising 

Selling your house needs extensive marketing and advertising. Always set a budget for these tasks as they are the most effective ways to get attention from the right target. There is no single recommended technique that works well for reaching the correct market. Most Brentwood real estate agent combines different marketing methods such as print and online advertising, leaflet/ flyers distribution, social media marketing, and asking for referrals. 


How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent for You

Investing in Real Estate is just like entering into a high-stakes game. It is one of the biggest decisions we can ever make that will leave a lasting impact on our finances. Hiring the right agent can help make our respective home buying or selling a positive experience. Be an informed individual when looking for a Real Estate Agent. You’ll want to work with someone who’s a good fit for you. Here’s how to find the right Real Estate Agent for you. 

Ask family and friends for referrals 

Ask anybody in your social circle who just recently bought or sold a house if they hired an agent to help them out. Ask them if they can recommend the agent they had worked with. Testimonials are a useful listening tool which you can use to help you consider the agent they chose to work with. Take everything they say with a grain of salt and think about your needs and preferences. Interview the agent before you decide to hire their services based on what you think and not based on what other people say. 

Look for Realtors in your Area 

These people are members of the National Association of Realtors. They abide by a strict code of ethics that lets you know how they’ll work for you and try to meet your Real Estate goals. Look for those who work in your area. Contact them to find out if you can afford to hire their services. Don’t hire an agent just because they belong to the National Association of Realtors. The best thing you can always do is choosing to work with someone who’s a good fit for you and not just based on being associated with a specific group.  

Online Agent listings 

The Internet has flooded us with everything we need to know. Use this information to find Real Estate Agents working in your area as every State has its own set of laws. Hiring an Agent who’s familiar with your State laws can help you overcome the speedbumps that may come your way when you’re trying to buy or sell any property. Use it to your advantage by contacting those who operate in your specific area. 

Go to Open Houses in your Area 

An open house is a perfect opportunity for you to actually meet the agents who work in your area. This is your best time to size them up and form your own first impressions. Observe how they interact with other people and use this as a guide in shortlisting the agents you like to work with. 

Consider those with at least 5 years of experience and interview at least 3 to 5 agents before hiring one. Take as much time as you’d like as hiring the wrong agent could spell disaster and ruin your finances. Good luck with your search! 

Tips on Buying Luxury Real Estate

When you are on the market for luxury real estate, you should not expect the same process as when you are shopping for general real estate. The exclusivity, price, and location of the most affluent properties bring special challenges when seeking this type of real estate. Moreover, today’s luxury properties are not limited to mansions in a city’s best neighbourhoods; indeed, from vacation homes and condos to penthouses and secluded properties, there are a wide variety of luxury properties and it takes a bit of extra effort to find such a property that fits your needs. The following tips on buying luxury real estate will help you get the property of your dreams.


Unlike general properties, many luxury homes are not advertised. In fact, many of these homes are unlisted in order to protect the seller’s privacy, so you will need to have connections with realtors that specialize in luxury properties.


You should try not to judge a property just on the photos you see. It is much more difficult to capture the beauty of a luxury home in a photo purely because of the size and scope of these properties. Always request to personally view properties in which you have an interest; you will get a much clearer picture of the property.


When it comes to luxury properties, a good buyer agent can make all the difference. Try to work with a local expert who can give you more information about the property, the neighbourhood, and the market.


Whether you are shopping for a high-end sports car or the luxury home of your dreams, when you get to the upper end of a market there will be a lot more financial scrutiny. Make sure you or your accountant carefully documents your finances making sure that you can prove your income.

Needs and Wants

With respect to luxury homes, your needs and wants lists can almost always be met. Indeed, the most exclusive real estate properties often offer special features that you will not find in general properties. Nevertheless, your investment on a luxury home is substantial so you should make sure the home has all the features you need and want before you make a purchase. These types of properties tend to take much longer to sell because only a very exclusive clientele can afford them. You don’t want to be stuck with a home in which you are not comfortable.

Selecting a Luxury Real Estate Agent – More Info

With luxury home buying becoming an exceptional element of the real estate market, it is crucial that upscale home buyers find themselves astute professionals that specialize in the high end market place. Knowledge, expertise, and skill are just a few characteristics of a connoisseur in the luxury real estate market. The needs and expectations of affluent home buyers are overwhelming and should be familiarized by a trained and seasoned expert. As all agents perform and conduct business differently, it is vital to search for recognized exceptional customer service, impressive standards and a proficient savant in the field.

Below are recommendations for determining a quality agent in the search for a luxury home:

Market Savvy – As simple as it seems, it is crucial in selecting an agent that is sharp, astute, skillful and highly knowledgeable in the luxury real estate market. It is too common to see people just randomly selecting agents without knowing their track record or credentials. With knowledge comes power, and having a luxury home expert helping will inevitably increase your command of the real estate market and their service will become an essential asset.

Communication – Working with any sales agent requires communication, but when working with an expert luxury home agent, be ensured that a buyer’s goals, needs, and expectations are clearly expressed and exchanged, with ample details. The ultimate purpose of communication is to develop a relationship between the buyer and agent in which time or money isn’t wasted as they both comprehend the wants and needs of the buyer.

Experience – Recognizing and comprehending value in an opulent home market demands notable experience. Recommendations and a proven track record of closed sales are solid evidences of a connoisseur in the luxury real estate market. As any sales agent can get the job done, it is critical that luxury home buyers select experienced and specialized professionals to optimize the sale and handle a job with sheer finesse.

Contacts – Within the luxury home market, a myriad of indulgent resources have become available for those who lead a posh and opulent lifestyle. Through experience, knowledge and networking, expert agents have been able to develop relationships with these resources for future benefits and needs of their clients. Accommodating and convenient are just two examples of how specialized luxury home agents can be of benefit in the home buying process. A few resource examples may include: Real Estate Attorneys, Financial Advisors. Bankers, Jumbo Mortgage Loans, Craftsmen, Interior Designers, Architects, Artists and many more.

Education and Professional Designations – With sales being a highly competitive field, it is the choice of top agents to seek additional education and certifications to enhance their credentials and increase their knowledge of this dynamic real estate market. As the market is always changing, it is vital that top agents keep up with current information and continually attend seminars and classes throughout their career. Designations or recognitions may include, “Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist,” and is a perfect guide to a specialist in the area.

Negotiation Skills – A strong and luxury real estate agent is experienced and competent in the art of negotiation. As transactions can become complicated, a skilled expert can be an asset in resolving issues such as price, conditions, terms, dates, etc. Just like a powerful attorney, a successful luxury real estate agent with savvy negotiation skills is truly a beneficial advantage.